Park Avenue Prestige.

From Major League Baseball to Colgate-Palmolive to Mercedes Benz, businesses of every description have long understood the powerful aura of Park Avenue. The phrase “Park Avenue office” tells clients and patients all they need to know about a professional service.

But more than Park Avenue prestige, Grand Park office condominiums at 40th and Park also put you in the middle of all the restaurants, hotels and luxury residences that define the Grand Central District.

The lobby is an artist's representation and is provided for illustrative purposes only. This rendering reflects a renovation of the lobby which Sponsor has no obligation to make (the "Lobby Renovations"), but has reserved the right to do so in its sole discretion. If Sponsor decides to perform the Lobby Renovations, Sponsor makes no representations or warranties that the lobby area will be constructed as illustrated. Sponsor makes no representations or warranties as to whether the Lobby Renovations will be performed except as may be set forth in the Offering Plan. Disclaimer